case was approved i-485 how long to get green card

The case was approved i-485 how long to get green card

Exciting tidings have arrived! The updated status of this ‘case was approved i-485 how long to get green card‘ signifies that the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) has concluded processing your application for a matrimonial green card. In the not-so-distant future, your spouse shall be bestowed with a verdant card, signifying their attainment of lawful permanent residency.

The manifestation of a “case was approved i-485 how long to get green card” status emerges in the twilight of the green card application journey, just before the dispatch of the matrimonial green card by USCIS. Given that this much-anticipated case status update can extend up to 38 months, you shall encounter various other notifications about the case’s status before the ultimate approval of your marriage green card application is granted.

Here are several typical statuses you may encounter during this journey:

  1. case was approved i-485 how long to get green card: This signifies that USCIS has officially taken possession of your marriage green card application and is commencing the processing phase.
  2. Case Was Declined: If your initial application was submitted with errors or inaccuracies, USCIS might have declined your marriage green card application.
  3. Request for Initial or Additional Documentation Issued: USCIS may occasionally require supplementary information to advance your marriage green card application processing.
  4. Expedited Request Acknowledged: This notification indicates that USCIS has acknowledged your plea to expedite the handling of your case.
  5. Scheduled Fingerprint and Biometric Appointment: This update materializes when the appointment for your fingerprint and biometric procedures has been arranged.
  6. Case is Prepared for Interview Scheduling: This notification informs you that the interview phase is primed for scheduling.

How Will I Receive Updates on My Case Status?

Two potential avenues exist through which you may obtain an approval status update for your case. First, you will receive Form I-797: Notice of Action by mail. Secondly, USCIS will refresh the case status via your USCIS account.

“case was approved i-485 how long to get green card” and the term “Case Receipt” is synonymous in meaning?

No, they do not. case was approved i-485 how long to get green card can be intricate, and it’s easy to conflate some of them. Many individuals pursuing immigration matters often misconstrue the meanings of “case was approved i-485 how long to get green card” and “case received,” but these terms hold distinct implications when emanating from USCIS.

When USCIS accepts your marriage green card application, it denotes that the agency has received it and will begin processing it. Conversely, approving a green card case signifies that USCIS has completed the review of your marriage green card application and has granted you the coveted green card. Encountering the “case accepted” status is promising, as USCIS is diligently handling your case. However, it also signifies that there is still a substantial journey ahead before you obtain your marriage green card. Further insights regarding the duration of this process can be gleaned from our comprehensive Green Card Processing Times article.

 My Marriage Green Card Case Has Earned USCIS Approval – What’s Next?

At this juncture, your course of action entails awaiting the arrival of either the approval notice or welcome notice dispatched by USCIS through postal mail. Subsequently, the green card itself will find its way to your mailbox. Typically, you can anticipate the receipt of the welcome notice approximately 30 days post-approval, followed by the green card’s arrival another 30 days after the welcome notice.

While it remains possible to track your status online, it’s crucial to remember that all official USCIS communications, including your green card, will be transmitted via postal mail. Consequently, it is imperative to ensure that USCIS possesses your current and accurate mailing address, especially if you are the beneficiary—the individual seeking the green card. In the event of a relocation during any phase of the green card application process, promptly updating your address with USCIS is paramount.

Keep hope. Instead, reach out to USCIS without delay. There is still ample time to rectify the situation and ensure the smooth progression of your green card journey.

 How Can I Monitor Changes in My USCIS Case Status?

Upon encountering the “case was approved i-485 how long to get green card” case approved” status, you are indeed nearing the culmination of the application process. However, it is prudent to continue monitoring case status updates until you hold your marriage green card. Following USCIS’s notification of the approval of your green card application, you can expect to see subsequent statuses about the dispatch of your green card, serving as cues for when you should commence checking your mailbox diligently.

For instance, you might soon come across the following updates:

  • “Card Was Mailed To Me”
  • “New Card Is in Production”

You can effortlessly track your case status through the USCIS online case tracking tool. To utilize this tool, furnish your receipt number and click the “Check Status” button. Alternatively, another method to stay abreast of case status alterations is to regularly inspect your mailbox, as USCIS conveys crucial notifications via postal mail.

Is an Immigration Attorney Necessary for the Approval of My Marriage Green Card Application?

If USCIS approves your marriage green card, the likelihood of requiring an immigration attorney diminishes significantly. However, if you had anticipated USCIS approval and it did not materialize as expected, your next course of action would likely involve seeking legal counsel from an attorney specializing in immigration matters.

Should your case was approved i-485 how long to get green card application be subject to a prolonged processing duration beyond your initial expectations, or if you encounter unexplained delays in receiving your green card via postal mail, your initial point of contact should be the USCIS Contact Center. In cases where USCIS representatives cannot provide satisfactory answers to your queries, it may be advisable to engage the services of an attorney to navigate the situation effectively.

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