how to renew indian passport in Australia

In only 7 steps: renew indian passport in australia


Are you planning to learn how to renew indian passport in Australia? The process is now simplified and streamlined by the Indian government to expedite passport issuance for its citizens. VFS Global, the India Passport and Visa Services Centre, handles passport application responsibilities in Australia. Let’s delve into the step-by-step process involved in renewing your Indian passport.

How to renew indian passport in Australia


To initiate the passport renewal process, visit VFS Global’s official website. The online application form for Indian passport renewal in Australia is exclusively available on this platform.

Type of Passport Service Required

VFS Global offers various passport services, including renewals and replacements for lost or damaged passports. When applying for renewal, choose one of the following options:

New Passport

Lost/Damaged Passport

Note that the application process differs for renewing an expired passport and replacing a lost or damaged one, so select your service carefully. If returning a lost or damaged key, you may need additional documents.

  • Documents Required for Indian Passport Renewal in Australia
  • Completing the passport application requires submitting specific documents, which vary depending on the type of application. 
  • Two recent passport-sized photographs met government specifications.
  • Current original passport (unless the applicant has lost or is a minor applying for their first passport).
  • Printed and filled out Passport Application Form.
  • Duly filled Personal Particular Form.
  • You should Print and fill Checklist for Indian Passport renewal in Australia.
  • Appointment letter for in-person submissions.

The renewal checklist on the VFS Global website includes additional documents needed if you wish to change any specific details on your passport, such as address, marital status, name, gender, appearance, or signature.

Scheduling an Appointment

Once you have completed the online application form, schedule an appointment with the VFS center to submit physical copies of your condition and documents.

Upon acceptance of your appointment request, you will receive a confirmation email with a Letter of Appointment. You must present this letter on the scheduled day to access the center. Remember these points for a smooth appointment:

Arrive approximately 15-20 minutes before the scheduled appointment for security procedures.

Only the applicant is allowed access to the center, while minors may be accompanied by their parent or guardian.

Bring all necessary documents, including the printed application form and passport photographs.

Only complete or correct documents will be accepted, and you may need to reschedule the appointment.

Indian Passport Renewal Fees in Australia

Indian Passport Renewal Fees are subject to change based on exchange rates and are revised monthly. To determine the exact renewal cost for your passport, use the Fee Calculator provided during the application process.

Generally, an essential passport with 36 pages costs over $100 when paid via credit card. Always double-check the Indian passport renewal cost in Australia before submitting your application. You can make the payment during your in-person appointment.

Indian Passport Renewal in Australia Processing Time

The processing time for Indian passport renewal in Australia depends on several factors. Here are the approximate timelines provided by the Consulate:

Four Weeks In Australia Same Consulate

The application will be processed within approximately four weeks if you renew your passport at the Consulate that handled your previous renewal or issuance.

Eight Weeks – Outside Australia – Different Consulate

If your previous passport was issued by a consulate outside Australia or another one within Australia, the processing time will be eight weeks.

Lost or Damaged Passport Renewal

Renewal for lost or damaged passports also requires eight weeks.

Remember to apply from your current place of residence. If you have relocated, use it from your current location, even for online applications or postal submissions.

Renew Indian Child Passport in Australia

Renewing an Indian passport for a minor in Australia involves parental involvement. Parents must fill out the form correctly, and if the child cannot sign consistently, their thumb impression should be added below the photograph.

Additional documents required for minors include:

  • Annexure ‘C’ if only one parent or guardian’s details can be submitted.
  • Annexure ‘D’ if both parents’ details can be submitted, signed by both parents or all legal guardians.
  • Copies of both parent’s passports.
  • Attested copies of the first and last visa pages of the parents.

Ensure you review the latest Passport checklist to meet all requirements for renewing an Indian child’s passport in Australia.

Urgent Indian Passport Renewal in Australia

Currently, the TATKAL or Urgent Passport processing service is unavailable. In case of urgent travel needs with an expired passport, you can obtain an Emergency Certificate from the Consulate. However, this certificate is granted only for emergencies like a direct relative’s death or severe illness. For non-emergency situations, the renewal process usually takes 4-8 weeks.

Renewing Indian Passport in Australia By Post

If you prefer not to submit or collect the documents in person, you can opt for the renewal of an Indian passport in Australia by post. Follow the same guidelines until your application form is complete and submitted online.

Instead of scheduling an appointment with the VFS Centre, send your application to the nearest IPVSC (Indian Passport and Visa Service Centre) corresponding to your residence. Use the designated P.O. Box for your jurisdiction when shipping the package via post or courier.

After processing, your renewed passport will be securely delivered to your residence. Remember to send all required documentation and make the necessary payments online during the application process.

This comprehensive guide covers all you need to know about renewing an Indian passport in Australia. For additional information, visit the VFS Global website and review the process again before applying.


Q. Can I track my passport application?

Yes, you can track your application online and opt-in for SMS or email alerts during the application process to receive updates on your passport status.

Q. Can I submit my application to the Consulate instead of the VFS Centre?

All passport applications and documentation must be submitted to the VFS center. The Consulate does not handle passport applications for ordinary citizens. However, specific categories of applicants, such as diplomats, U.N. representatives, or international governmental organizations employees, may have different submission procedures.

Q. What if there’s an error in my passport?

Before submitting your application, carefully review all details. If you notice a mistake after submission, promptly notify VFS to correct the error. If an error is discovered after you receive your passport, you may need to submit another application for amendment or clarification, along with a cover letter explaining the situation.

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