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How to schedule an appointment for indian passport renewal in australia

indian passport renewal in australia while residing in Australia might initially appear daunting. However, the process can be streamlined and stress-free with the correct information and assistance.

This exhaustive guide will guide you through the crucial steps and requirements for the renewal of an Indian passport in Australia.

Distinguishing Between Passport Re-issuance and Renewal Processes

Passport re-issuance entails obtaining a new passport under suitable circumstances before the expiration of the existing one.

For instance, re-issuance becomes necessary if all the pages of your passport have been utilized.

On the other hand, passport renewal involves extending the expiry date for a specific duration, as stipulated by the government of India.

Vital Information Regarding Indian Passports

Typically, an Indian passport remains valid for 10 years for adults and 5 years for minors from the date of issuance.

Indian passport renewal in Australia if its expiration is imminent to avoid last-minute inconveniences is advisable.

For Indian passports issued outside of India, substantial documentary evidence is requisite. This includes the applicant’s valid visa documents in Australia. The Indian Consulate necessitates awareness of your immigration visa status, and the latest VEVO copy is mandatory.

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Initiating the Process of Renewing Your Indian Passport in Australia

Should you desire to renew your passport, your inaugural step is to visit VFS Global. A systematic guide awaits you, directing you through the process.

On this website, you will discover the digital application form dedicated to renewing an Indian passport in Australia.

Category of Passport Service Required

VFS Global extends an extensive array of passport services, encompassing alterations such as name changes, gender modifications, alterations in appearances, surrendering passports upon acquiring Australian citizenship, and more. Should you seek to renew or substitute your passport, you must make a selection from the following two options:

  1. New Passport (Upon Expiry of the Current Passport)
  2. Lost/Damaged Passport

It’s imperative to discern that obtaining a new passport differs from replacing a lost or damaged passport upon expiration. Hence, choose your service judiciously. Should you replace a lost or damaged passport, additional documents may be required.

Essential Documentation for Indian Passport Renewal in Australia

The passport application process’s fulfillment hinges on submitting requisite documents. The specific documents needed vary depending on the nature of the passport application.

For instance, the replacement of a minor’s passport necessitates additional documentation. 

  1. Two recent passport photographs adhering to government specifications.
  2. Current original passport (unless the applicant is a minor applying for their initial passport or has lost it).
  3. Evidence of existing Visa Status (Visa sticker, Visa Grant Notice, VEVO).
  4. Printed and completed Passport Application Form.
  5. Duly filled Personal Particular Form.
  6. Printed and filled Checklist for Indian Passport renewal in Australia.
  7. Appointment letter if you intend to submit the form in person.

The checklist, accessible on the VFS Global website, provides additional documents required for specific alterations such as changes in address, marital status, name, gender, appearance, signature, etc. Please submit these supplementary documents to ensure the retention of the existing details in your new passport.

After meticulous form completion, thorough information verification, document notation, and additional form filling ensure all components are printed for physical copies.

Affix your photographs, sign the designated pages per the checklist, verify details, and then proceed to submit.

Setting Up an Appointment

Once you have completed the online application form to renew your Indian passport in Australia, the next step involves scheduling an appointment at the VFS center to submit physical copies of your form and documents.

Upon approval of your appointment request, an email confirmation, accompanied by a Letter of Appointment, will be sent to you. Printing the Letter of Appointment and carrying a copy on the scheduled day is imperative, as access to the center will only be granted upon its presentation. Here’s an overview of what to anticipate:

  1. Arrive approximately 15-20 minutes before the designated appointment to facilitate the security check.
  2. Access to the center is granted solely to the applicant; however, minors may be accompanied by a parent or guardian.
  3. Ensure you bring all necessary documents, including the printed application form and passport photographs.
  4. Only complete or accurate documents will be accepted, potentially requiring you to reschedule your appointment.

Rescheduling is possible in the event of missing your scheduled appointment, but only after a lapse of 24 hours from the initially allotted date and time. Following the rescheduled appointment, the application enters the system, and after that, you await notification from the center to retrieve your processed documents.

Indian Passport Renewal Fees in Australia

The fees are subject to fluctuations based on exchange rates and undergo monthly revisions. When initiating the application, utilize the provided Fee Calculator to ascertain the precise renewal cost for your passport.

For a standard passport comprising 36 pages, the anticipated fee exceeds $100, payable through a credit card. The Fee Calculator ensures the most accurate estimation tailored to your specific details and the requisites of the application center. Before submission, it is advisable to verify the current Indian passport renewal cost in Australia. Payment can be settled in person during your scheduled appointment.

Processing Duration for Indian Passport Renewal in Australia

The duration for the indian passport renewal in australia is contingent upon various factors. Below are approximate timelines as indicated by the Consulate.

We strongly advise applicants only to make travel arrangements or book tickets once they have a renewed passport.

Immediate Indian Passport Renewal in Australia

Regrettably, the TATKAL or Urgent Passport processing service is presently unavailable. In the event of an urgent need to travel to India and your passport has lapsed, we recommend obtaining an Emergency Certificate from the Consulate. However, it’s crucial to note that this certificate is exclusively granted in genuine emergencies, such as the death or severe illness of a direct relative.

For non-emergency situations, the waiting period extends to 4-8 weeks. 

Can I Track My Passport Application?

Yes, you can monitor your application online and opt-in for SMS or email alerts regarding your passport status during the application process.

Can I Submit My Application to the Consulate Instead of the VFS Centre?

All passport applications and documentation must be submitted to the VFS Centre. Diplomats, UN representatives, or employees of International Governmental Organizations should submit applications directly to the High Commission or Consulate General in Australia. Prior inquiry with the Consulate is recommended.

What If There’s an Error in My Passport?

We urge you to review your passport application before submission meticulously. In case of an identified mistake post-submission, promptly notify VFS for correction. If an error is noticed after receiving the passport, another application for amendment or clarification, accompanied by a cover letter explaining the situation, may be necessary. The edited passport will be sent to your registered address.

Can I Continue My Indian Passport in Australia Behind It Has Passed?

While it is advisable to renew your Indian passport a year before expiration to avoid complications, delayed renewals are still possible. Apply with a notarized or attested letter explaining the delay. Travel is restricted until the renewed passport is obtained. Include Form I with your application.


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