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In 5 steps | What to do when lost Indian passport in Australia

lost Indian passport in Australia: If you have ever found yourself in the unsettling situation of having lost your Indian passport in Australia, you know the stress and anxiety it can bring.

This comprehensive guide provides a step-by-step approach to navigating this challenging experience, ensuring a smooth recovery process.

lost Indian passport in Australia? Don’t panic! Get step-by-step instructions on reporting it, applying for a replacement, and getting home.

What constitutes the definition of a compromised passport?

A: A compromised passport is categorized based on the degree of impairment, namely:

Impaired Passport: The passport number remains decipherable, the name is discernible, and the photograph remains unblemished.

Irreparably Damaged Passport – Rendered unidentifiable beyond recognition.

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In the event of lost Indian passport in Australia and facing the urgent need to journey to India owing to a critical circumstance, such as a severe ailment or a bereavement in the family, what recourse do I have?

A: Swiftly report the lost Indian passport in Australia to the Indian Mission and the local Police Station. Immediate contact with the relevant Indian Mission/Post is imperative. An Emergency Certificate (EC) is typically granted upon thorough verification of Indian nationality/origin/details for repatriation to India.

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What obligations must I fulfil when seeking a replacement, particularly if my previous passport has been lost or compromised?

A: If you find yourself overseas, promptly report the lost Indian passport in Australia to the nearest Police Station and either the Passport Office or the Indian Mission.

Should the need arise, you can request a “Reissue” of your passport.

What is the protocol for obtaining a replacement passport in case of a lost or compromised document?

A: Duplicate passports are not issued. Instead, a new passport may be provided with a distinct passport number and renewed validity. Applicants must submit their request under the ‘reissue’ category, specifying the reason as a Lost/Damaged passport.

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As an Indian residing in Germany, I have misplaced my Indian passport, and unfortunately, I do not possess a photocopy of the same. What steps should I take?

A: Submitting a photocopy of the old passport is optional in the case of a lost/damaged/stolen passport, although it should be presented if available. However, when completing the passport application form, you must provide details from the previous passport, such as the passport number, date of issue, date of expiry, and place of issue. Please get in touch with the respective Mission/Post for guidance if you need this information.

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My passport booklet has incurred damage, and I urgently need to travel abroad. What steps should I take?

A: If the damage to your passport is not extensive, meaning the passport number, name, and photo remain discernible, you can apply for a passport reissue under the Tatkaal scheme.

However, it’s crucial to note that the ultimate authority for issuing a passport under the Tatkaal scheme rests with the passport office.

If the passport is damaged beyond recognition, the Tatkaal scheme cannot be availed for the application.

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Can I obtain a new one if I lost my U.S. passport and was repatriated to India with an Emergency Certificate? If so, what documents are required for the passport application?

A: For a lost Indian passport in Australia, you must apply for a reissue of the passport:

  • Proof of Present Address
  • Proof of Date of Birth
  • An affidavit detailing how and where the passport was lost/damaged (Annexure ‘F’)
  • Original police report
  • Original Emergency Certificate (EC) or Seizure Memo
  • Some cases may necessitate confirmation from the concerned Indian Mission/Post.

Is it possible to reissue an Indian passport in Australia?

Enroll yourself at iVACS Australia to initiate the issuance of your passport. The iVACS Australia team will reach out to discuss your requirements.

Subsequently, a document checklist encompassing essentials such as your old passport, visa history, and ID proof will be dispatched to you by iVACS Australia.

What is the most expeditious method for replacing a lost passport?

Urgent Travel

This represents the swiftest way to secure your passport, incurring an additional $60 expedited fee. Schedule an appointment by dialing 1-877-487-2778. If you encounter difficulty finding an appointment aligning with your travel requirements, kindly contact the number above, and we will strive to accommodate your needs.

How much time does it take to reissue an Indian passport in Australia?

Regrettably, the Tatkal or expedited passport service is not an option. The standard processing period for passport issuance is between 6 to 8 weeks.

It’s important to note that in instances of re-issuance for a passport originally issued by another passport issuing authority (PIA), the processing time may exceed the usual six to eight weeks.

Can the Australian Embassy aid with lost passports?

To obtain a replacement for your lost passport, apply for a new one. If you find yourself abroad and require an expedited issuance of a new passport, reach out to the nearest Australian diplomatic or consular mission to explore available options.

How can I obtain an emergency passport within 24 hours in Australia?

In cases of urgent and essential travel needs due to compassionate or compelling reasons:

  • Schedule an appointment at your closest passport office by dialling 131 232.
  • Present proof of the compassionate or compelling need for immediate travel.
  • Fulfil the payment for the priority fee, if applicable.

Is it possible to transfer my Indian visa to a new passport?

To transfer a long-term visa from an old passport to a new one, applicants need to provide the old passport containing the valid Indian Visa and the presently valid passport. The existing Indian visa should maintain validity for more than 30 days on the day of applying for the visa transfer.

Is it permissible to travel to Australia with a new passport while holding a visa linked to the old passport?

If a valid visa of any type is associated with an expired passport, it is acceptable to utilize it until its expiration date. It is essential, however, to carry both the old and new passports together while travelling to Australia.


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