renunciation of indian passport in australia

renunciation of Indian passport in Australia 2024

Upon renunciation of indian passport in australia and the surrender of Indian passports, it’s crucial to adhere to the regulatory mandates set forth by the Indian Citizenship Act of 1955. The law explicitly prohibits dual citizenship, necessitating the relinquishment of Indian passports upon acquiring foreign citizenship. Continuing to possess or utilize an Indian passport after obtaining foreign citizenship is in direct contravention of the Indian Passport Act of 1967, incurring severe penalties.

renunciation of Indian passport in Australia

To comply with these legal requirements, individuals holding Indian passports who have acquired foreign citizenship must promptly surrender their Indian passports at the nearest India Passport & Visa Services center. The Indian government has established a specific fee structure for the renunciation of indian passport in australia and the surrender of Indian passports. Failure to adhere to these procedures not only results in penalties but also goes against the legal obligations stipulated by the Indian authorities.

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the essential documents required

Here are the essential documents required for the passport application process:

  1. Online Application Form: Access and complete the online application form available at After filling out the form online, download and print it. Register on the website ( to create your User ID for the online application.
  2. Printed Form: Once you’ve filled it in online, download and print it. Ensure to sign the printed form wherever applicable. Note that any errors on the printed form cannot be modified by pen or pencil at the time of submission.
  3. Parental Involvement: In the case of a minor applicant, both parents must sign the passport application form.

Applicants should take extra care to ensure the accuracy of the details entered in the online form before submission. This will help streamline the passport application process and minimize potential issues.

The following documents and requirements need to be fulfilled for the passport application process:

  1. Form XXII: Ensure the completion and signature of Form XXII. This form is available at
  2. Original Indian Passport for Cancellation: Submit your original Indian Passport for cancellation. If the Indian Passport is lost and not in your possession, provide a Statutory Declaration attested by a Justice of the Peace (JP) or a Notary detailing the circumstances around the missing passport.
  3. Photograph Specifications: Provide one recent photograph (2 inches x 2 inches) that meets the specific guidelines. For further details, refer to Photography services are available at IPVSC Centres in Australia and are aligned with the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) standards. Please note that these services might not be available for infants or applicants with special needs.
  4. Copies of Foreign Documents: Include photocopies of your current foreign passport and citizenship certificate.
  5. Appointment Letter: For in-person submissions at the application center, scheduling an appointment is mandatory. This doesn’t apply to applications sent by post or courier. Schedule an appointment at
  6. Mode of Payment: Payment can be made through various methods:
  • Eftpos / Credit card (MasterCard or Visa issued in Australia) at VFS counters.

Please note that personal and company checks are not acceptable for payment purposes. Ensure compliance with these requirements to facilitate a smooth application process for your passport.

Kindly note the following additional instructions:

  1. Checklist Submission: Print a copy of this checklist, sign it, and submit it along with your application.
  2. Courier Fee Requirement: It’s mandatory to include the courier fee. 

Ensure you adhere to these instructions, including the signed checklist and the mandatory courier fee, for a successful and efficient application submission.

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 By signing below, the renunciation of indian passport in australia confirms the following:

  1. Acknowledgment of reading the information provided above.
  2. Confirmation by ticking the boxes against the documents submitted.
  3. Assurance that all necessary documentation has been included in the submission.

Signatures Required:

  • VFS Officer (Name & Signature)
  • Applicant (Name & Signature)

This declaration confirms that the applicant has reviewed and ticked off the submitted documents and ensured the completeness of all required paperwork.

Features of the rules

 For individuals of Indian Origin (PIO) planning to apply for Visa, OCI & PIO Cards, certain steps regarding Indian citizenship and passports are essential. They must either renounce Indian citizenship and surrender their Indian passports along with their Visa/OCI/PIO applications or precede these services by first applying for the renunciation of Indian citizenship and surrendering their Indian passport. When individuals don’t possess their Indian passports for various reasons like loss, misplacement, or previous submission to the Department of Immigration and Citizenship, a statutory declaration confirming this situation is necessary, along with the applicable fees.

Key points to note:

  • All applications for renunciation/surrendering Indian passports should be made at the VFS offices in Canberra, Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, and Adelaide.
  • The fee schedule for renunciation of Indian citizenship and Surrender of Indian passport (in AUD) effective from 11.10.2012 is as follows:
    • For those who acquired foreign citizenship on or before 31.05.2010: AUD 32
    • For those who acquired foreign citizenship after 31.05.2010: AUD 147. Please note that these charges do not include VFS service fees.

These guidelines ensure a clear understanding of the procedures and fees associated with renunciation of indian passport in australia and surrendering Indian passports for PIO individuals applying for various related services.

Credit Card Authorization

 I, at this moment, authorize VFS Services Australia Pty Ltd to charge my credit card for the applicable application fees as specified on the following website:

Please be aware that debit cards are not accepted for postal applications.

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