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Diplomatic representation of Kyrgyzstan. Consular services provided by the Consulate of kyrgyzstan consulate dubai. On this site you will also find general information regarding Kyrgyzstan Consulate Dubai.

Information of kyrgyzstan consulate dubai

Attractively located within Dubai is the Kyrgyz Consulate General which can be found in Box 33 897 Dubai United Arab Emirates.

Phone Number:

(+971) 4-236 4457

Fax Number:

(+971) 4-236 4405


The website is


Kubanychbek Omuraliev, Consul General.

Dubai Consular Assistance

kyrgyzstan consulate dubai Assistance – Dubai has quickly emerged as an essential international financial center, and numerous South East Asian corporations have chosen it as their regional base. There is also a vibrant expat community and tourism is now one of Dubai’s major sources of revenue.

As part of their efforts to support foreign companies, expatriates, and tourists in Dubai, many nations worldwide maintain representation through Consulates or Honorary Consulates.

kyrgyzstan consulate dubai provide consular assistance for local citizens as well as foreign workers, foreign-owned and local-based businesses as well as tourists visiting Dubai. Reached easily by both phone or email for all enquiries related to consular services provided, they offer advice regarding potential solutions that best suit you.

Fast Facts

  • Fast Facts on Dubai-Bishkek Travel Distance and Duration (in km and miles respectively). Travel time should average 5 hours 14 minutes.
  • Time Difference: Dubai is two hours behind Bishkek; when 12:55 on July 10, 2013 takes place in Dubai it would be 14:55 for Bishkek residents.

Requirements for Kyrgyzstan Visa Applications (APV)

Your visa application form, along with one passport-sized photograph attached, should be fully completed and submitted with one blank visa page remaining after your current one expires.

Kyrgyzstan visa stamp

Visit the official visa issuing authority website of your desired travel destination to check its visa stamping status online. Use either your passport number or application/reference number as reference points when checking statuses online.

Kyrgyzstan e visa rejected

Errors in personal information can severely scupper an online visa application process. Disparities between details like name, birthdate, passport number and country of residency often leads to immediate rejection from digital visa systems.

UAE residents can visit visa free Kyrgyzstan

UAE residents with ordinary passports may visit Kyrgyzstan visa-free for up to 60 days within any 180-day period, without incurring a fine or penalty fee.

UAE Embassy in Kyrgyzstan

Since there is no diplomatic office of United Arab Emirates located in Bishkek, for more information about them you may wish to contact their nearest diplomatic office: Tashkent (474.78km away).

Kyrgyzstan Embassy Abu Dhabi

If you reside or travel through Abu Dhabi and plan a visit to Kyrgyzstan, knowing the address, phone number or office hours of Kyrgyzstan Embassy would be of immense benefit to both UAE passport holders who live within Abu Dhabi as well as Kyrgyz passport holders who plan on working or studying in Abu Dhabi. These details apply equally.

Passport holders currently living in Abu Dhabi

Embassy Information

  • Address: Villa 5 Al-Bidya Street, Baen Al-Jesraen, Abu Dhabi City, Phone: +971 255 849 55
  • Contact us by fax or email:
  • Site address:
  • Office Hours:
  • Current time in Abu Dhabi.13:08 PM Wednesday, July 10, 2024–07-10 (GMT +0400)
  • Currently time in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan.15:08 PM Wednesday, July 10, 2024 (GMT+0600)

How much does a visa for Dubai from Kyrgyzstan cost?

A 14 day single entry Dubai visa costs USD 179; 14 day multiple entry Dubai visa costs USD 379. Additionally, 30 day single entry visa costs are USD 189.

Are visas to Kyrgyzstan easy to acquire?

Foreign visitors and residents looking to visit Kyrgyzstan can apply for their visa either at an embassy or the government website, with applying online saving both time and effort since there’s no personal interview at an embassy or consulate – all received visas grant the same rights.

Who may enter Kyrgyzstan without needing a visa?

Regular passport holders from 77 countries, such as Albania, Andorra, Argentina, Armenia, Australia, Austria, Azerbaijan, Bahrain and Belarus who visit Kyrgyzstan for tourism do not require a visa and will receive permission for short-term stay upon arriving.

How many days does it take to acquire Kyrgyzstan visa?

Standard Kyrgyzstan visas can usually be acquired within seven business days; for an urgent visa that will arrive within three, use our expedited service which allows applications within 3 days if you apply in person or through mail or online application forms. Please fill out your e-visa application carefully as delays could result if any errors arise in filling out its fields or application process e-visa application forms are submitted improperly or incomplete.

Can I apply online for my Kyrgyzstan visa?

Kyrgyzstan e-Visa applications can be completed entirely online; you’ll find an application form online that you fill in, pay the required fee and are ready for submission – saving both time and hassle from visiting an embassy directly!

Is Kyrgyzstan worth it?

Kyrgyzstan may not be on everyone’s travel itinerary, but trust us when we say it’s worth every moment of your time – from its breathtaking landscapes and distinctive culture, Kyrgyzstan offers an experience unlike any other!

Do we require an invitation letter in order to apply for a Kyrgyzstan visa?

Unless your nationality appears above, visa applications for Kyrgyz Republic citizens will have to be processed through an Embassy. Otherwise, an invitation or support letter (Visa support letter) from Kyrgyz travel company are necessary unless passport issued from one of these countries exists.

What should you avoid in Kyrgyzstan?

Demonstrations occur regularly throughout Bishkek and Kyrgyzstan and may turn violent at any moment, requiring you to avoid large crowds and any demonstrations, while following advice from local authorities to stay away. Violent crime such as kidnapping, robbery, muggery and pickpocketing often occurs at these demonstrations.

Can I speak English in Kyrgyzstan?

Language. Russian and Kyrgyz are the official languages, while English may not be widely spoken as a second language. While staying at one of our carefully selected hotels or enjoying an excursion led by one of our English-speaking guides should prove no difficulties whatsoever, exploring independently may prove more complicated than anticipated.

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