kyrgyzstan in December: Try A Trip

Are You Thinking about traveling to kyrgyzstan in December? Below is the definitive list to answer all your queries on winter activities or whether to come during this colder time of the year.


kyrgyzstan in December experiences severe winter temperatures from December through February. Bishkek in the country’s north experiences temperatures between minus 10 and 10 degC (14-50 degF). As one might anticipate, winter is the ideal season to experience America’s world-renowned skiing resorts – featuring resorts tailored specifically for beginner skiers as well as expert enthusiasts.

Skiers of intermediate to advanced skill come to Kyrgyzstan for its famed backcountry skiing; unmarked virgin peaks never seeming to end.

One unusual activity during winter in Kyrgyzstan is eagle hunting: these birds have been trained from birth by masters since ancient Eurasian steppe times to hunt prey before returning them safely, an activity dating back thousands of years in Kyrgyzstan’s steppe regions. Though birds such as these may be showcased all year, hunting truly takes place during winter when real hunting takes place!

Join a Real Eagle Hunter Today

Images of kyrgyzstan in December, stately eagle hunters on horses in traditional clothing with golden eagles perched proudly upon their arms have come to symbolize its image and become part of its national narrative.

An Eagle Hunter demonstration should definitely make your Kyrgyz bucket list! Although these shows can take place any time of year, winter tends to bring out most eagle hunters with their birds of prey.

Karakol Ski Resort Offers Skiing Services

Kyrgyzstan’s mountainous terrain combined with long winters and abundant snowfall has long made skiing in Kyrgyzstan an attractive pastime, both locally as well as for tourists from Kazakhstan and Russia.

kyrgyzstan in December may come as a shocker to those used to traveling only in popular winter vacation spots like Europe or North America for ski vacations; yet Kyrgyzstan boasts several impressive ski resorts offering slopes suitable for skiers of varying abilities and skill sets.

Staying in a Yurt

Staying in a Yurt Kyrgyzstan offers numerous memorable local experiences – Eagle hunting being among them – but staying in a yurt stands out among them as something truly authentic and unforgettable.

Winter in Kyrgyzstan provides the opportunity for sleep under canvas yurts – and there are multiple locations throughout the country where this experience can take place.

Yurts have long been used by nomadic families, providing shelter with ease when travelling between locations. Yurts can easily be packed away and transported anywhere within minutes, providing nomadic families a home away from home for generations.

Watch a Kok Boru Match

Central Asia boasts several distinctive sports that have become part of its culture for millennia – Eagle hunting is among them, along with wrestling. But one sport stands out: Kok Boru draws international tourists like nothing else does.

Kok Boru, commonly referred to in the western world as ‘headless goat polo,” stands out among sports as one of the more unusual forms. Due to this bizarre sporting discipline’s inclusion of headless goats as players, it remains one of the craziest competitive activities on Earth.

Best time to visit Kyrgyzstan for snow

Kyrgyzstan and its Chuy region boast numerous ski resorts, offering visitors who wish to test out the slopes an ideal opportunity between December and March to do just that.

Best time to visit Kyrgyzstan

Summertime in Kyrgyzstan offers ideal horse trekking and hiking destinations that are easily accessible, from late June until September. However, during this peak period there can also be significant tourist crowds at popular tourist sites; with most locations providing comfortable trekking opportunities with few to none tourists at most times of year.

Best time to visit Kyrgyzstan in September

With temperatures gradually cooling and visitor numbers decreasing, September can be an ideal month to explore Kyrgyzstan’s cities and mountains. Glacial melt is high during this month allowing many kayaking or rafting excursions to take place.

Is October a good time to visit Kyrgyzstan

October is an ideal month to discover cities without being bombarded by summer heat and overwhelming visitor numbers. Although rain showers may occur more frequently than during other times, October remains popular as an ideal opportunity for kayaking, rafting and hiking trips.

How much time do you require in Kyrgyzstan?

Travel to more distant corners of Kyrgyzstan should last three to four weeks at minimum and follow an open itinerary; side trips down unmarked 4WD trails or hiking trails could easily add another week or so onto that timescale.

Are the prices in Kyrgyzstan affordable or costly?

Luxury accommodations may cost $70-150 or more per night, while food and dining expenses vary greatly based on where and what type of restaurants one visits for their meal, street food being affordable at local restaurants while Western-style eateries may cost between $10-25 for every meal served.

Which country is better: Uzbekistan or Kyrgyzstan?

Uzbekistan boasts ancient cities with magnificent architecture, while Kyrgyzstan features unparalleled natural beauty at every turn. Additionally, both nations provide visa-free travel for many nationalities – making these two Central Asian states increasingly attractive travel destinations.

What country offers more for travel: Kazakhstan or Kyrgyzstan?

Kazakhstan has more of an industrial presence, while Kyrgyzstan remains mostly agricultural. You will visit Almaty with its modern infrastructure and world-famous Medeo skating rink as well as various national parks while in Kyrgyzstan you will explore Lake Ala-Too which boasts the second-largest mountain lake worldwide.

How should one travel around Kyrgyzstan?

Travel in Bishkek can best be accomplished via bus, taxis and taxis; these options provide access to large cities as well as between them. Sometimes this may even be your only means of reaching your desired location! Bishkek’s bus fleet was upgraded in 2009 with quite comfortable buses; today this remains one of the main ways of travel around this Central Asian republic.

Are You Thinking about Moving to Kyrgyzstan or Other European Country?

Kazakhstan recently adopted an official trilingual language policy which includes Kazakh, Russian and English whereas Kyrgyzstan has only implemented dual lingu- asm policies with regards to Kyrgyz and Russian as official spoken tongues.

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